Congratulations to Eleni Bozia

Congratulations to Eleni Bozia for winning the Assistant Professor Excellence Award. Eleni is the only Assistant Professor from CLAS to win the award. For details, visit the UF Office of the Provost website: Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors

Congratulations to Jennifer Rea

illustration of woman looking up in wonder

Congratulations to Jennifer Rea for the publication of her new book, Perpetua’s Journey, a graphic history set in Roman Africa in 203 CE that examines issues of power, gender, and religion in the ancient world through the story of the… Read More

2014-2015 CLAS Teaching Award

Congratulations to Jennifer Rea, recipient of a 2014-2015 CLAS Teaching Award! Many fine CLAS teachers were nominated for these awards, so her success in the competition is a signal of achievement and excellence.  The award recognizes her dedication and commitment… Read More

Classics, Stats and Clarinets

Allison Kane and Van Williams have more than Beginning Ancient Greek class in common — they studied Latin in high school, are both Classics majors, and they also play clarinet in the marching band. Their instructor Victoria Pagán asked, “What are the odds?” Professor of Statistics Brett Presnell had… Read More

Biagio Santorelli publishes new book

[Quintiliano] Il ricco accusato di tradimento; Gli amici garanti (Declamazioni maggiori, 11; 16) by Biagio Santorelli Cassino: Edizioni Università di Cassino 2014 Pauper et dives inimici and Amici vades are the eleventh and the sixteenth of the nineteen Major Declamations falsely ascribed to Quintilian, the… Read More