Courses and Instruction


a. Graduate Courses

b. Undergraduate Courses

Ancient History:

Year 1: (Fall 1998, Fall 1999)

City states and superpowers (478-404 BCE)

Year 2: (Spring 1998, Spring 1999)

Greece and Macedon (404-338 BCE)

Athenian society through contemporary documents (Spring 1999)
(A study of inscriptions which illustrate Athenian law, society, daily life and institutions.)

Year 3: (Year-long course: 1998-1999; 1999-2000)

Athenian Law and Society

Classical Studies, Year 1 (Fall 1999)

Introduction to Classical Greek Literature and Culture


Classical Civilisation, Year 1:
Classical Civilisation Honours:
Greek 1:
Beginners Language (2 semesters)
Greek 2:
Language, Prose composition
Greek 3:
Aristophanes Wasps (in Greek), Menander Dyskolos (In Greek), Birds and Ekklesiazousai (in translation)
Greek Honours
Aristophanes Frogs (in Greek)

(In reverse chronological order)

• Topic: Widows in the Early Church, Student Name: Keith Wessel, Status: Ph.D. Chair: Current, Placement: (if applicable)
• Diversionary tactics in the Attic Orators, Seth Boutin, Ph.D. Chair: Current.
• Prokatalepsis in the Attic Orators, Todd Bohlander, Ph.D.: Current
• Sexual Health in Ancient Medicine, Adina Stone, Ph.D.: Current
• “Quo Ruitis, Generosa Domus”: Memory and the Elegiac Model in Ovid’s Fasti, Robert Brewer, Ph.D. Current.
• The Anatomy of Roman Epic: a study of poetic violence, James Lohmar, Ph.D., Current
• Historicizing Satire: Juvenal, Historiography, and Moralizing Discourse, Michael Ritter, Ph.D. Current.
• Columella Res Rustica: A commentary to Book 10, David White, Ph.D. Current.
• Restoring the Past in the High Empire: the Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus, David Hoot, Ph.D., current
• Bryan Sansbury, MA. Current
• Enmity in the Attic Orators, Andrew Alwine, Ph.D.: Graduated 2010.
• The Roman voices of Lucian, Eleni Bozia, Ph.D.: Graduated 2009.
• Hero Cult in Euripides, Rebecca Rohdenburg, M.A. Chair: Graduated 2009.
• Callimachus and his Influence on Augustan Poets, George Hendren, M.A.: Graduated 2009.
• Foreigners in Aristophanes, Kory Plockmeyer, M.A.: Graduated 2009
• Piracy in Thucydides, Jeffrey Yeakel, M.A.: Graduated 2009
• The Fragments of Ctesias of Knidos, Andrew Nichols, Ph.D. Chair: Graduated 2008, Lecturer, University of Florida.
• Ethnicity and Jewish Identity in Josephus, David McClister Ph.D. Chair: Graduated 2008
• Comprehensive Examination, Chair M.L.: Graduated 2008
• Concepts of Masculinity in the Attic Orators, Seth Boutin, M.A.: Graduated March 2008
• Studies on Pindar, Jay Arns, M.A.: Graduated March 2008
• Nationhood and Greek Identity in 4th Century Sicily, Andrew Alwine, M.A. Chair: Graduated 2006
• Hippocrates Epidemics: Ancient and Modern Medicine, Antony Strazzula, M.A. Chair: Graduated 2006
• Space in Euripides, Jeannie Nguyen, M.A.: Graduated April 2006
• A new manuscript of Cicero, Dustin Heinen, M.A.: Graduated April 2006
• Cicero’s Ideal Statesman, Jonathan Zarecki, Ph.D.: Graduated 2005
• Inner Spaces in Euripides Hecuba, Michael Wheeler, M.A.: Graduated July 2005
• Comprehensive Examination, Clifford Thorne, Chair M.L.: Graduated May 2005
• Eunuchs in Greek and Roman Literature, Jennifer Blackwell, Chair, M.L.: Graduated 2003
• Abortion in Augustan Rome, Amanda Austin, Chair, MA Latin: Graduated 2002
• Solon’s Legislation, Nicolaos Karkavelias (Queen’s University of Belfast) Supervisor, M.A. Ancient History: Graduated 2000
• Contraception and Abortion in Ancient Rome, Christina Nielsen (Queen’s University of Belfast), Internal Examiner, MA Social Anthropology: Graduated 2000
• Ancient Greek Medicine and Medical Ethics , Lisa Sen (University of Glasgow)
Supervisor, M.A., Classical Studies: Graduated 1998