• De Simoni, A. The Letters of Libanius (MA Thesis, Committee Member)
  • Papaioannou, M. Inscribed Greek Epigrams (PhD Dissertatiion, Committee Member)
  • Plockmeyer, K. Cultural Exchange and the Empire of Alexander: a postcolonial analysis of Quintus Curtius Rufus  (PhD Dissertation, Committee Member)
  • Ash, R. Pliny the Fabulist: Pliny the Elder and Animals as Role Mode (MA Thesis, Committee Member)
  • Marini, S. Stock Characters in Greek and Roman Comedy (MA Thesis, Committee Member)

2. Undergraduate:

     Senior Honors Theses

  • Unruh, S. The Evolution of Alexander and his Personal Relationships (2014)
  • Dunn, J. The Uluburun Shipwreck: Origin and Route (2012)
  • Lancaster, S. The Language of Empire: The Voice and Vocabulary of Rome in the New Testament (2011)
  • Godby, M. Beasts from the East: A Study of the Sphinx, Siren, and Griffin in Greek Art (2010)

     University Scholars Program

  • Latore, W. Prostitution and the Economy in Ancient Greece (2014)
  • Fidrick, B. Images of the Hyperboreans in Greek and Roman Literature (2012)
  • Brown, E. The Centrality of the Torah in the Gospel of Matthew (2016)
  • Kalisher, R. Burial Practices in the Levant During the Middle Bronze Age (2015)