Selected topographical and epigraphical survey work (in collaboration with R. Wagman):

  • Greece (2005-present):

Thessaly, Pharsala municipality: Varoussi and Alogopati regions / Karapla, Cave of the Nymphs

Thessaly, Larissa municipality: Ossa and Homole ridges / Sykourio, Zar Trypa: Cave of the Nymphs

Central Greece, Lamia municipality: selected areas and sites of ancient Epicnemidan Locris

Attica, Athens municipality: Mt. Parnes, Keladon Gorge / Phyle: Cave of Pan

Epidaurus, Lygourio municipality: Survey of Inscribed Votives from the Sanctuary of Asclepius

  • Italy (2003-2005):

Rome, Comune di Roma: Tiber Island, areas of S. Bartolomeo, S. G. Calibita, Ospedale Fatebenefratelli,Ponte Fabricio and Ponte Cestio