1. Books

  • 2011Ctesias: On India. Translation and Commentary, Bloomsbury

2. Articles and Contributed Chapters

     In print:

  • 2016 – ‘The Iranian Concept Aša and Greek Views of the Persians’, Studi Classici e Orientali 62
  • 2015‘Ενα λησμονημένο ιερό των νυμφών στη Βορειοανατολική Θεσσαλία’, Thessaliko Hemerologio 68, co-authored with R. Wagman
  • 2006 ‘Minima Epidaurica’, ZPE 158, co-authored with R. Wagman
  • 2006 – ‘Three Perirrhanteria from the Epidaurian Asclepieum’, ZPE 155, co-authored with R. Wagman


  • ‘Ctesias’ Indica and the Origins of Paradoxography’, in M. Gerolemou and S. Konstantinou (eds.), Miracles and Wonders in Antiquity and Byzantium, Walter De Gruyter
  • Βίoν ἔζησε γυναικός: Gender Inversion in the Assyriaka of Ctesias’, in S. Arroyo (ed.), CMLL Symposium Selected Proceedings

3. Book Reviews (Invited)

  • 2016 – Review of T. Whitmarsh and S. Thomson (eds.), The Romance between Greece and the East, Cambridge University Press 2013, CJ Online 2016.07.05
  • 2011 – Stronk, J.P., Ctesias’ Persian History. Part 1: Introduction, Text, and Translation, Wellem Verlag 2010, Classical Review 61.2
  • 2011 – Llewellyn-Jones, L., and Robson, J., Ctesias’ History of Persia. Tales of  the Orient, Routledge 2010, Classical Review 61.2

4. Encyclopedia Articles

     In print:

1. “Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus”
2. “The Dionysian Mysteries”
3. “Roman Conquest of Judaea”
4. “Emperor Decius’ Decree on Sacrifice”


  • The Herodotus Encyclopedia, ed. Christopher Baron, Wiley-Blackwell, under contract

1. “Thessaly”
2. “Aenianes”
3. “Androphagi”
4. “Anthropophagy”
5. “Aphetae”
6. “Perrhaebians”
7. “Cape Sepias”

  • The Tacitus Encylopedia, ed. V. Pagan,Wiley-Blackwell, under contract

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