Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the program cost?
    Slightly more than it does for in-state, on-campus graduate students. The current cost, which has remained unchanged for a couple of years, is $544.56 per credit hour. Master’s students must complete at least 30 credit hours; Ph.D. students must complete at least 60 credits beyond the Master’s level, for a total of 90 credit hours.
  2. How much Latin do I need to apply to the distance program?
    A minimum of three years of college-level Latin. The third year can be waived with a strong performance on the sight Latin translation exam that is part of the application process. For undergraduate online Latin courses, please check with the University of Colorado at Denver. The University of Georgia has an intensive Summer Institute and an online postbacc.
  3. Do I need to be a teacher/educator to enter the program?
    Yes. You will be required to submit proof of this during the application process. A current letter on letterhead from your supervisor is sufficient.
  4. When will you be accepting new students?
    Admissions takes place once per year; new students start at the Summer Latin Institute.  Please see Information for Applying Students on the Distance learning homepage for application deadlines.
  5. Do I need an MA in Classics or Latin to enter the PhD program?
    If you hold an MA in a related field you may be allowed in the PhD program, however preference is always given to students who have a degree in Latin or Classics. If you are admitted with a Latin or Classics MA from an accredited institution recognized by UF, you may transfer 30 credits to the PhD program. If you are admitted with an MA in a related field, not all the credits from your MA may transfer to UF. Admitted students wanting to transfer credits should submit a credit transfer form by the end of their first Fall semester; see Dr. Yates for details. If you have an MA or equivalent in a field that is unrelated to classical studies you will have to apply to the Master’s program and earn an ML before applying to the PhD program
  6. How do I apply?
    Please see Information for Applying Students.
  7. What do I do for a directed or independent study?
    See the instructions on the Independent Study webpage.
  8. What are the comprehensive exams required for the Master’s and PhD programs?
    You can find details about the Master’s exams here. You can find details about the PhD exams here.  More information, including old exams, is available for current students on the Distance Program’s site in Canvas.
  9. When do I have to _____________?
    If you are applying, please see Information for Applying Students on the Distance learning homepage for application deadlines. If you are currently enrolled, please see the current Academic Calendar at the Graduate School website for critical dates.
  10. Do I have to attend the summer programs?
    Yes. All newly admitted distance-learning students will start their coursework in the summer B term at the Summer Latin Institute. This is our chance to meet you in person and for you to meet us and your fellow students. The summer is also the best opportunity for taking Master’s and PhD required exams. Master’s students are required to take at least two summer institutes, while PhD students are required to take at least three.
  11. I can’t register, I’m having problems with my Gatorlink account, I can’t log on to E-Learning, I can’t get into AdobeConnect.
    For registration problems, check to see if you any holds.  If you encounter a non-hold problem, contact Tina Williams or Dr. Yates.  See the Gatorlink Account Management page for help with your account.  Student tips and demos for E-Learning, as well as a link for the Help Desk and one to message E-Learning staff, can be found at the E-Learning homepage.  Online courses use AdobeConnect for class meetings. Please advise Dr. Yates if you encounter problems with AdobeConnect.

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