Independent Study

Throughout your graduate career it will be necessary to work on individual research projects.

Tip: Be prepared.

If you approach a professor with a well-defined project, a solid reading list and a request for reasonable number of credits, the professor will be more likely to take you on as a student than if you simply state, “I want to study something about Latin Literature”.

You will also need to determine how you will earn your credits. The usual method for earning credits is to complete a paper. As always, your professor has the final word in determining what the requirements will be for your project and how many credits you will earn. Be sure to get permission from the professor who will be supervising your project before registering.


If you are registering for an independent study course (LNW 6905, 6971, 7979, 7980), submit an Individual Study form to the Classics Department (via email or fax), so that the Classics Secretary can supply the proper section number, have your faculty supervisor sign the form, and register you for the class. You can download the Independent Study form, as either a Word document or a pdf. Email the filled-out form to, or fax it to: (352) 846-0297. Please submit it well before the registration deadline.

Guideline: enroll for a minimum of three credits in both the Fall and Spring semesters, and two credits in the Summer.

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