Important Policies and Procedures for Current Distance Students as of Summer 2016

New Students

  • Don’t forget to set up UF email account and check it regularly!  UF no longer allows email to be forwarded to other accounts.
  • Check the Student Self-Service Page for important deadlines, and links for registration, transcripts, financial aid, etc.
  • Stay enrolled:
    • Don’t go two semesters without registering (SUMMER COUNTS)
    • Students who lapse into inactive status must submit a letter to the Distance Learning Director explaining the reason for their absence and requesting reinstatement into the program. Upon approval, they must then apply to the Graduate School for readmission.
    • Readmitted students are subject to any changes in Graduate School requirements in meantime
  • Acquaint yourself with the UF Graduate Catalog.  You are ultimately responsible for all UF graduate requirements and deadlines.
  • All distance courses in the Fall and Spring are held through AdobeConnect.  A practice session will be held just before the start of the Fall semester; details will be sent out in the ‘Fall registration email’ from Dr. Yates (late July – early August).

Registration for Classes

  • Look for an email, sent to your UF email account, from Dr. Yates containing registration instructions and course information prior to the beginning of each semester.
  • Remember to to update your emergency contact information and sign the registration agreement at the beginning of every semester, or you won’t be allowed to register!  Go to Student Self-Service, and select ‘Check Current Holds’ under the ‘Registration’ tab.
  • Check Student Self-Service for registration and payment deadlines.
  • Register through Student Self-Service for the course(s) you want to take. Be sure to select the proper section number for the course. Contact Dr. Yates or Classics Secretary Tina Williams if you have any questions.
  • If you are registering for an independent study course (LNW 6905, 6971, 7979, 7980), submit an Individual Study form to the Classics Department (via email or fax), so that the Classics Secretary can supply the proper section number, have your faculty supervisor sign the form, and register you for the class. You can download the Independent Study form, as either a Word document or a pdf, from the bottom left corner of the Classics Dept. homepage. Email the filled-out form to Tina Williams, or fax it to: (352) 846-0297. Please submit it well before the registration deadline.
  • Guideline: enroll for a minimum of three credits in both the Fall and Spring semesters, and two credits in the Summer.

Continuing Students

  • See the Classics Graduate Distance Program site in Canvas for more detailed information on the particular program you are enrolled in, including old exams.  There is also a peer writing group for M.A. and Ph.D. students who are at least the proposal/prospectus stage; see the Canvas site for details.  (You can access Canvas from the e-Learning site.)
  • Check your transcript periodically for accuracy, and check for registration holds in Student Self-Service.
  • Meet with Dr. Yates at least once a year for advising, either in person at the SLI or through AdobeConnect.  The AdobeConnect advising sessions are held in the Spring; check your UF email for dates and directions for signing up for an appointment.
  • On-campus requirements: Master’s students must attend at least two SLI’s, PhD students at least three.  You do not have to attend the SLI’s consecutively.  Students must also be on campus for the following: M.L. Latin Literature and Culture oral exam; M.A. thesis defense; Ph.D. prospectus defense and dissertation defense.
  • We are always excited about our students’ accomplishments, so let us know about any teaching/educational/research accomplishments!  We will celebrate on the Celebrations page (coming soon) and in the annual Distance Program Newsletter (produced in the summer).

Exams and Graduation

  • You may take a NON-FINAL comprehensive exam (e.g., Reading List exam) at a remote site under the supervision of a proctor. Contact Dr. Yates for details.
  • N.B.: Any student who fails to pass a comprehensive examination on the third attempt is subject to dismissal from the program.
  • You MUST be registered for credits in the semester you  graduate!  (3 in the Fall or Spring, 2 in the Summer.)  Graduating ML’s will be enrolled in LNW 6905; M.A.’s in LNW 6971; Ph.D.’s in LNW 7980.
  • You must apply for graduation before the deadline in the semester you plan to graduate. See the link to the Graduate School Academic Calendar on the Student Self-Service page.
  • See the Graduation Checklist in the Graduate School Academic Calendar  (link on the Student Self-Service page).  You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you meet all requirements and deadlines.
  • Pay attention to deadlines. See the link to the Graduate School Academic Calendar on the Student Self-Service page.
    • ML Students will be taking the M.L. Latin Literature and Culture Exam in their final semester.  The oral portion of this exam is considered the ‘final exam’ by UF’s definition.  Look for this date in the Graduate School Academic Calendar: “Deadline for final exam forms to be posted to GIMS for dissertation, non-thesis, project, and project-in-lieu of thesis students.”  This is the last possible date you can hold your oral exam, and it is well before the end of the semester.  (You should plan to take the written portion at least 2 weeks prior to the oral exam, especially if you need to make travel arrangements to Gainesville for the oral.)  Pay close attention to all deadlines!
    • MA Students must also meet Editorial Office thesis deadlines (see link for this and the Thesis Checklist in the Graduate Academic Calendar).  The thesis defense must be held before the “Last day to submit successfully defended thesis for review by Graduate School Editorial Office”, which is very early in the semester!  Pay close attention to all deadlines!
    • PhD students must also meet Editorial Office dissertation deadlines (see link for this and the Dissertation Checklist in the Graduate Academic Calendar).  The dissertation defense must be held before the “Deadline for final exam forms to be posted to GIMS for dissertation, non-thesis, project, and project-in-lieu of thesis students”, which is well before the end of the semester. Pay close attention to all deadlines!

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