Scholarships and Funding for Latin Teachers

Department of Classics, University of Florida

Since our distance-learning students are Latin teachers, the Department of Classics is able to offer a much-reduced tuition rate for out-of-state distance-learning students. This tuition rate is only slightly more than the rate for in-state students. Many school boards and states will also help reimburse tuition costs.

UF may offer a few dissertation fellowships for which distance students are eligible to apply. Please see the Distance Director for details.

Financial Aid at UF

Financial Aid is available for half-time UF students (a minimum of six credits each semester in the Fall and Spring, three in the summer). Please see the UF Student Financial Affairs site for graduate students for more information.

American Classical League Scholarships

Classical Association of the Middle West and South

Classical Association of Florida

For Summer Travel ($2000): Geraldine Hodges Travel Scholarship (for Latin teachers in the state of Florida). For further information, contact Alan Blessing, Northeast High School, 630 31st Street North, St. Petersburg FL 33713-6612, Tel. 727.327.6054.

If you know of other funding opportunities not listed here, please email Dr. Velvet Yates ( (no AOL, please)

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