Gonda Van Steen to speak at conference on Karolos Koun at Oxford this September.

CELEBRATING KAROLOS KOUN. CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION. OXFORD, 22 SEPT. 2017. For further details follow this link to the conference announcement on the APGRD webpage  

Beginning Sanskrit for Classics majors and graduate students

Classical Studies majors and graduate students can now add Beginning Sanskrit (SRK 1120 = CLA 4905;┬áSRK 6905 = CLA 6905) to their study plans. For information on registration please contact… Read More

Congratulations to Eleni Bozia

Congratulations to Eleni Bozia for winning the Assistant Professor Excellence Award. Eleni is the only Assistant Professor from CLAS to win the award. For details, follow this link to UF… Read More

Congratulations to Jennifer Rea

Congratulations to Jennifer Rea for the publication of her new book, a graphic history set in Roman Africa in 203 CE that examines issues of power, gender, and religion in… Read More

Congratulations to Alberto De Simoni

Congratulations to Alberto for receiving the UF Graduate Student Teaching Award. Alberto is pictured here with graduate coordinator Dr. Rea, Department Chair Dr. Eaverly, and TA supervisor Dr. Bozia.

Victoria on Euridice by Sarah Ruhl

A wonderfully engaging article from Victoria Pagan on Euridice by Sarah Ruhl, originally published in Amphora, is available from the SCS website. You can find the article here: Amphora: Eurydice… Read More

Congratulations to Irina Greenman

Congratulations to Irina Greenman for her graduation. Dr. Greenman is pictured here with Professor Rea

Congratulations to our Award Winners

Congratulations to our Award Winners for the Academic Year 2016-17. We are very proud of their accomplishments

Congratulations to Victoria

Congratulations to Victoria Pagan for the publication of her new book on Tacitus

Studying Ancient Greek at UF

Studying Ancient Greek at UF can be a profound and highly enjoyable experience. Follow this link for more information