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The Major in Classics

Academic Learning Compact

Students interested in becoming a Classics major should consult Dr. Robert Wagman or the Department’s office manager for information in 125 Dauer Hall, (352) 273-3703.

An undergraduate major in Classics is interdisciplinary in nature, with two tracks: Ancient Language and Classical Civilization. Before entering the major program the student must fulfill one of the four options below in Latin or in ancient Greek:

  1. 10 credit hours of beginning Latin or Ancient Greek. Students with high school Latin complete the sequence based upon their score on the SAT II Latin test (or other placement mechanism).
  2. A score of 3 or above in one of the AP Latin exams (Latin Literature or Vergil).
  3. Completion of LNW 2630 (Latin Love Poetry) or LNW 2660 (Vergil) or a 2000 level ancient Greek course.
  4. A 3000 level course in Latin or Greek Literature in the original.

Grading Rubric for Translations

Ancient Language Track

This track is appropriate for students wishing direct contact with the literature and culture of the ancients, or for those intending to be Florida certified to teach Latin, or for those who plan to do graduate study in Greek or Latin. These requirements are minimum. For admission to competitive graduate programs, students need at least three years of upper division courses in one of the ancient languages (Greek or Latin), and a year or more of the other. Those wishing to teach Latin in the Florida public schools will need to find out state certification requirements early. They should consider a minor in education that is appropriate for admission to the Pro Teach program.

Five courses at the 3000 level or above in Latin or Greek or a combination of Greek and Latin. Students who complete the language requirement using option 4 above need only four courses.

Two courses on the ancient Graeco-Roman world (in English translation) from the Department of Classics or from the following list: ANT (Anthropology) 4110, 4123, 4124; ARH (Art) 3130, 3171, 3200, 4135; EUH (History) 2000, 3383, 3401, 3412; PHH (Philosophy) 2062, 3103, POT (Political Science) 4013; REL (Religion) 3511, 3252. At least one of these must be at the 3000 level or above.
NOTE: (a) Those planning to earn a Florida Latin teaching certificate need to make certain which courses dealing with Rome are appropriate for this option. (b) Those planning to go to graduate school will need more hours in this area.

Classical Civilization Track

This track will provide a liberal arts major in Classical Studies, making it appropriate for those who desire a broad humanities background or are considering admission to professional schools. Students interested in admission to competitive graduate programs in archaeology or ancient history should consult the Classics Department’s Undergraduate Coordinator for further information on specific requirement in these specialized areas.

Twenty-four hours of courses in Greek, Latin, or a combination of Greek and Latin, or courses in translation either from the Classics Department, or from other departments which cover the ancient Graeco-Roman world, as follows: ANT (Anthropology) 4110, 4123, 4124; ARH (Art) 3130, 3171, 3200, 4135; EUH (History) 2000, 3383, 3401, 3412; PHH (Philosophy) 3062, 3103; POT (Political Science) 4013; REL (Religion) 3511, 3252. Of these at least eighteen hours must be at the 3000 level and above.

The Minor in Classics

An undergraduate Minor in Classics consists of 5 courses (15 hours) with a grade of C or better. All students minoring in Classics must consult Dr. Robert Wagman¬†or the Department’s Administrative Assistant, Mr. Ken Vandoren, for information in 125 Dauer Hall, (352) 273-3701.


To graduate with honors a student must attain a 3.5 overall upper-division average and complete a special project or thesis approved as honors work. In cases where the thesis or project is of exceptional merit, the Department may recommend to the Dean that high honors be awarded.

The Major in Modern Greek

The Minor in Greek Studies