Avery Cahill M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Adjunct Lecturer

  • Sheila K. Dickison Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College, Professor Emerita
  • Karelisa Hartigan Ph.D. University of Chicago, Professor Emerita
  • Nicholas Kontaridis Education Specialist Degree, M.S. Florida State University, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Bruce Kraut Ph.D. Princeton University; M.D. Emory University, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Jim Marks Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • D. Gary Miller Ph.D. Harvard University, Professor Emeritus
  • Gareth Schmeling Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Gonda Van Steen Ph.D. Princeton University, Professor and Cassas Chair in Greek Studies
  • Biagio Santorelli Ph.D. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and University of Pisa, Italy, Assistant Professor
  • Lewis A. Sussman Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Professor Emeritus
  • Judy A. Turner Ph.D. University of California at Santa Barbara, Lecturer
  • David C. Young Ph.D. University of Iowa, Professor
  • Robert Hatch Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison. Associate Professor (History.) Specialty: History of Science