Summer B 2013

Ancient Egypt

CLA 3160 sect. 4357. WEB. Credits: 3.

Study of the civilization, culture and monuments of ancient Egypt from prehistoric times to the New Kingdom and Late period. (H, N).

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Spring 2013

Classical Antiquity and Sustainability

CLA 2521 sect. 058E. T7 / R7-8. TUR L007. Credits: 3.

An examination of classical antiquity, applying methods and theories of sustainability to explore the impact of the ancient Greeks and Romans on their environment and focusing on the distribution of wealth, social stratification, land use and classical representations of the natural world. (H)

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Medieval Latin

GRW 3490 sect. 07B9. T 9-11. NSC 0225 (subject to change). Credits: 3.

Readings from Medieval Latin 350 – 1200 A.D.

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