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Kostas Kapparis

Professor of Classics
UF Foundation Research Professor

Director of the Center for Greek Studies


Kostas Kapparis is University of Florida Research Foundation Professor, and Director of the Center for Greek Studies. He graduated from the University of Crete and took his PhD from Glasgow. He taught at the University of Glasgow and the Queen’s University of Belfast, and then came to the University of Florida in 2000. In the UF he has taught a considerable variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, and has enthusiastically participated in the Honors program and the Distance Learning Program.

His research interests include the Attic Orators,  Ancient Greek Social and Cultural History, and Ancient Medical Literature. Kostas is the author of five books (one co-authored with Andrew Wolpert), co-editor of a volume with the collected works of DM MacDowell, while one more volume is in press. He has contributed to several volumes and collections, and has also published extensively in international journals.

He views Greek literature, history and culture, from antiquity to the present day, as one undivided contiInnuum, and this perception of the Greek world is often reflected in his research and teaching. In his free time Kostas is a big fan of science-fiction and enjoys painting and gardening.