Fall 2019


CLA 3151 class number 11104 Pompeii: An Archaeological Laboratory (Eaverly)
CLA 3160 class number 11105 Ancient Egypt (Wagman)
CLA 3930 class number 11107 Special Topics in Classical Civilization: Greece and Turkey (Kostopoulos)
CLA 3930 class number 11108 Special Topics in Classical Civilization: Court Trials (Kapparis)
CLA4931 class number [contact dept.] Classics Capstone Seminar (Nichols)
CLT 3370 class number 13013 Myths of the Greeks and Romans (Nichols)
CLT 3930 class number 13040 Special Topics in Classical Literature: Conspiracies (Pagán)
CLT 3930 class number 13041 Special Topics in Classical Literature:  Pygmalion, Living Statues and Ancient Robots (Iff-Noël)
CLA 6930 class number 23395 Greece and Near East: Racism (Yates)


GMT4110 class number 25366 The Literature of Byzantium (Giannadaki)
GRE 1120 class number 14500 Beginning Ancient Greek 1 (Yates)
GRE 1121 class number 14501 Beginning Ancient Greek 2 (Wolpert)
GRK 1130 class number 14502 Beginning Modern Greek 1 (Kostopoulos)
GRK 2200 class number 23653 Intermediate Modern Greek 1 (Wagman)
GRW 3102 class number 14504  Survey of Greek Literature 2 (—)
GRW 4905 class number [contact dept.] Individual Work (Staff)
GRW 6105 class number 14506 The Greek Tradition (Giannadaki)
GRW 7980 class number [contact dept.] Doctoral Research (Staff)


LAT 1101 class number 15838 Beginning Latin 2 (Silverman
LAT 1101 class number 15839 Beginning Latin 2 (De Simoni)
LAT 1104 class number 15840 Beginning Latin 3 (Pagán)
LAT 1120 class number 15841 Beginning Latin 1 (Smith)
LAT 1120 class number 15842 Beginning Latin 1 (Anderson)
LNW 2560 class number 17723 Readings in Latin Literature (Iff-Noël)
LNW 3660 class number 17725 Vergil and Roman Epic (Nichols)
LNW 4905 class number [contact dept.] Special Study in Latin (Staff)
LNW 6905 class number [contact dept.] Individual Work (Staff)
LNW 6933 class number  17755 Special Topics in Latin: Pliny (Kapparis)
LNW 6971 class number [contact dept.] Masters Research (Staff)
LNW 7979 class number [contact dept.] Advanced Research (Staff)
LNW 7980 class number [contact dept.] Doctoral Research (Staff)

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